Bethany Fannin

Front-End Developer & JavaScript Enthusiast

A little about me

Hello, my name is Bethany and I am a front-end developer.

I give life my all - whether it be theater or coding, I am a vibrant person who is constantly working on some passion project. Check out my most recent projects to see what I've been up to lately.

I have always had a curiosity for finding new ways of accessing, organizing, and presenting information using digital technologies. In personal projects, I value tenacity, humility, and utilizing my abilities to improve the lives of others. When working with a team, I offer a strong work ethic and an open mind while working to ensure that every voice is heard. In group settings, I prioritize empathetic, supportive, and transparent communication above all else.

I am obsessed with well-written documentation and instructional templates. Analyzing complex systems and developing neat, descriptive language for them brings me great happiness!

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Colors Website

HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript

Colors Website Screenshot

A fun little color gradient website I hand coded using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I also used Sass on this project which allowed me to apply DRY principles to my styles.


Python Snippets


Python Snippets Screenshot

Work from my Introduction to Computer Science course. Just a few small pieces of Python code from my daily Python practice; snippets that I have continued to build upon.


Business Systems


Business Systems Screenshot

In this project I utilize C# to create business solutions such as a point-of-sale system in this sampling of work from my Business Applications course.



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Bethany Fannin
Phone: 919.704.2721
Front-End Developer I am a front-end developer with over ten years of experience developing websites using HTML, CSS, and JS. For the past year, I have begun to specialize in developing React applications. I use Storybook.js and Material UI design standards to ensure that my code follows the industry's best practices in terms of UI development, testing and documentation.


Durham, NC
Front-End Developer Intern
June 2022 - Aug 2022
  • Designed and built a server management system in React that connected to an AWS back end. Created diagrams for application logical flow.
  • Refactor front-end UI according to Storybook.js and Material UI standards.
  • Create documentation for users and future developers explaining how to use and build upon the application.
  • Built out and costed a back-end project, ensuring it was within the team's budget. Developed the project using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) via Terraform.
Live Oak Bank
Wilmington, NC
Cloud Architect/IT Support Intern
May 2021 - August 2021
  • Aided in the development and maintenance of various system applications.
  • Deployed and managed solutions for various cloud environments (AWS, Azure) using Terraform, ensuring they met established SLAs.
  • Worked with Senior Developers to write scripts in Bash or Golang to manage and monitor different levels of the server stack.
  • Created a new company-wide laptop policy to address maintenance inefficiencies.
  • Developed best practice documentation for inter-company communication on the company intranet.
Wilmington, NC
Network Administration Intern
December 2019 - March 2020
  • Created and maintained user accounts on Windows and UNIX platforms, establishing VPN access and ensuring accurate permissions.
  • Developed organizational units in Active Directory and managed user and group security policies.
  • Installed a new POS system and assisted with the setup of an intranet for a restaurant.
Cape Fear Community College
Wilmington, NC
Digital Marketing Intern
January 2019 - May 2020
  • Collaborated with senior administrators and web developers to redesign the entire college website leading to an increase in site usability.
  • Promoted college activities and events through the utilization of social media marketing across a variety of platforms.
Studio A Acting Company
Durham, NC
Co-Founder/Board Member
August 2010 - March 2017
  • Founded an acting company and organized, performed, and helped to produce seven of the company's plays.
  • Organized fundraising activities for the company, raising $2,000 to produce the first play.
  • Faciliated meetings of the board, created objectives, set deadlines and schedules, - and ensured that all tasks were delegated appropriately.


University of North Carolina Wilmington
GPA: 3.42
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
August 2020 - June 2022
Cape Fear Community College
GPA: 4.00
Associate of Arts
January 2018 - June 2020



Community Involvement

Information Systems Association
Director of Communications
August 2020 - May 2022

Created association's social media presence and organized meetings where professionals in the community came and demonstrated their skills and held Q&A sessions for members.

Feminist Alliance
Cape Fear Community College
Active Member
August 2018 - May 2020

Spearheaded the organization of a "Coffee and Consent" event with the local Rape Crisis center; attended monthly meetings to set agendas and goals.

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society
Cape Fear Community College/UNCW
August 2018 - May 2022

An active member involved in service, volunteering for such events as the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Annual Charity Gala.